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    Babagan awake dhewe

    Changzhou Saihua Electronic Co.,Ltd.

    who we are

    Liyang Saihua Electronic Co., Ltd. diwiwiti ing Oct 1992. We are specialized ing Manufaktur bahan konektor ndhuwur, Adaptor, Scart plug, Kabel.

    Kanthi Staff umum luwih saka 200, mungguh specialized ing Manajemen, sales, lan technique profesional. manungsa waé khusus wis mbayar kanggo ing Standardisasi saka Manajemen internal perusahaan kita. Kita menang IS9001-2000 bukti asli, We are ngadopsi gagasan Manajemen internasional. Supaya adoh, ing macem-macem Produksi wis diekspor kanggo Eropah, Amerika lan Jepang.

    We are looking nerusake kanggo kerjo bareng karo sampeyan, nyetel luwih bebarengan.

    Napa Pilih kita

    Market-oriented Product Innovation

    Senior market specialists analyze the industry and related, trace and spot market trends
    Formulate the product development strategies according to market trends
    DisplayPort, USB3.0. and HDMI cables are available
    In-house R&D with High-Caliber R&D Talents
    78 R&D professionals, including 3 with master degree, 33 with bachelor degree, and 42 with associate degree
    Majored in Cable&Wire Design, Cable&Insulation Technologies, Auto Control, Computer Science, Engineering
    Profund experiences and innovative and practical competences in cable research
    Well-equipped Research and Testing Labs
    Well-equipped labs to do all research and all reliability and R&D related testing
    Advanced testing instruments, including Network Analyzers, Time Domain Reflector (TDR), Shielding effectiveness tester and etc.

    Own the Patents of Core and Innovative Technologies

    Mature technologies, including RF (Radio frequency), HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), DisplayPort, high frequency EMC, Low IL (Insertion Loss), Anti-electric shock and anti-lightning

    Comply with the major international technical standards, including RoHS, UL, REACH, CCC and etc.

    Leading Product Design and Fashionable Packaging Design

    R&D professionals design cables all grades to cater for different consumption and market requirements
    Senior artists design packages in fashion

    Flexible OEM and Accessories Design

    Rich experience in developing all sorts of OEM products and packaging to suit customer needs

    Production Line

    Cable Assembly Line

    Cable Assembly Line

    Cable Assembly Line2

    Cable Assembly Line

    Automatically Cutting Machine

    Automatically Cutting Machine

    Electronic Products Assembly Line

    Electronic Products Assembly Line

    MFI Production Line

    MFI Production Line MFI

    Wire Extruder

    Wire Extruder

    Quality Management

    ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified
    Stick to quality principle of "Maximize Customer Satisfaction with High Quality"
    Streamlined IQC, IPQC, FQC and QA workflow
    80 well-trained QC
    Well-equipped labs to do all reliability testing
    More than 50 advanced testing instruments, including TDR, X-Ray Analyzer, and etc.


    Testing Instruments

    Burn-in Testing of Charger

    Burn-in Testing of Charger

    Color Analyzing

    Color Analyzing

    Conductors making

    Conductors Making

    Network Analyzer

    Network Analyzer

    Power Plug Testing

    Power Plug Testing



    Series Profile Projector

    Series Profile Projector

    Switch and Socket-outlets

    Switch and Socket-outlets Break Cap./Normal Operation

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